Spray finishing from McLeod’s French Polishers in London

We can offer you an alternative to traditional French polishing with the very best in modern spray-applied finishes, ranging from clear lacquer to painted finishes. The true benefit of spray finishing is that it provides a way of applying products that cannot be applied by hand – such as fire resistant and water resistant finishes and in some instances it can be a more cost-effective way of producing a quality wood finish.

City and Guilds Qualified French Polisher in London

Boardroom table re-sprayed

Your item will be prepared in exactly the same manner as for French polishing and to the same high standard. The application though is different, along with the variation of possible finishes.

Spray finishing is a great option for items that require a durable finish such as boardroom tables or dining room tables, the result will still look stunning once the finishing has been completed.

Finishes can be applied in a range of sheen levels from dead matt all the way through to high gloss. Your items will be finished to a very high standard, and we can promise a fast turnaround time.

Our team has a great deal of experience in spray finishing, and we have worked with many joinery and kitchen companies to produce finishes that cannot be applied by hand to create a wonderful, contemporary look.

wood spray finishing

If you would like to know more about spray finishing in London, please feel free to get in touch. We can be contacted on 07725 909 565, or via email at s-mcleod@live.com.