Why You Need To French Polish Your Antique

Why You Need To French Polish Your Antique

Why You Need To French Polish Your Antique

If you have any old wood furniture, you will know that antique furniture serves as valuable interior possessions which can give a unique feel to your home. However, if your antique furniture is looking tired, french polishing can give an aesthetically pleasing finish, enhancing a quality piece of furniture. French polishing is the process of applying shellac to wood furniture in consecutive thin layers to have a glossy surface that accentuates the deep colour of wood.

Here are a few reasons why you need to french polish your antique furniture.

1. Brings Old Furniture To Life

French polishing is a labour intensive process. Professional french polishers spend time to create the perfect finish which returns the antique to its original lustre and enhances the colour to achieve a warmer appearance.

2. French Polishing Lengthens the Life Span of Your Antiques

Antiques that are French polished are more durable and will require only minimal polishing once the application process is done. It is flexible and also resists cracking, scratches and wear. French polishing ensures that the polish applied will not turn yellow over time, unlike varnish.

3. Enhancement of the furniture

French polishing improves shoddy, patchy looking furniture. Although the initial process of French polishing can be time consuming, the end results justify the input made. Additionally, French polish finish gives a more quality look than easier and cheaper coats.

These are just some reasons why you should French polish your antique furniture. If you are interested in giving your antique furnishings an extraordinarily glossy finish, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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