The very best in wood floor finishing in London from McLeod’s French Polishers

With real wood floor sanding and finishing we can help you to create floor finishes that are liable to take your breath away every time you walk into the room. The advantage of choosing the services of a French polisher for your floor finishing is that we can colour match, creating staining that matches your existing flooring. Both the finish and the colour can be matched to suit your individual requirements.

City and Guilds Qualified French Polisher in London

When it comes to finishing your floor it’s crucial that the proper techniques are used in order to create the best finish possible. We take great care in preparing and sanding the floor before we commence the procedure to restore the flooring to its former beauty, or to match your new wooden floor to your existing flooring.

Sanded Floor

The process of re-finishing a wood floor

Our methods are identical to the ones used by other floor sanding companies, although we can complete more accurate colour matches to your existing floors through mixing our own stains rather than buying a ready-made, off-the-shelf product.

Use the button to see the before and after images of oak stair treads that have been stained grey and finished with oil.

All work commences with a consultation in which we can advise you on the colours and finishes that are available. If you would like to take advantage of the services offered by McLeod’s French Polishers in London, please call 07725 909 565, or you can contact us via email at