Services provided by McLeod’s French Polishers in London

Modern and antique techniques

We specialise in using both modern and antique techniques to achieve the perfect finish. Our expertise covers both new and traditional methods from ‘modern’ French polishing using a spray technique, to tried-and-tested methods that have been practised throughout the centuries. All the projects we carry out, from complete restoration projects to small repairs to, are performed with the utmost care and to an extremely high standard that will ensure your satisfaction.

City and Guilds Qualified French Polisher in London

Staining and colour matching new timber to existing

Staining timber so that it matches existing woodwork, or staining new wood to a desired pattern colour can be achieved by McLeod’s French Polishers in London. We can change the colour of old surfaces so that they match the colour of new furniture and timber.

Stripping and re-polishing

We regularly undertake the stripping and re-polishing of both antique and new woodwork items, and we are able to take on all sizes of tasks – from a small scratch to a major restoration project. We will consult with you and discuss all the details that we need to know, such as colour, patination and your choice of finish. Once the consultation is over we will provide you with an accurate assessment of both cost and timescales.

Stair treads - Before

Stair treads - Before

Stair treads - Stripped - During

Stair treads - Stripped - During

Stair treads - After

Stair treads - After

Grain filling

If you desire a smooth, mirror-like surface to your wood and the wood is open grained, then the grain will need to be filled with a grain filler before it can be French polished. Our team has years of experience in achieving the perfect finish, and ensuring that the grain filling is mixed and coloured to the correct consistency as necessary to achieve the desired result.


This ancient technique is often used on open-grained wood such as oak, chestnut and ash, and achieves a realistic, time-worn appearance. Liming is perfect for restoring old timber and providing a mellow finish for new wood. It produces a soft, textured appearance by enhancing the grain of the wood and giving it a whitened appearance. This makes the timber appear as if it has faded naturally over time.

Cleaning and reviving existing finishes

When reviving existing finishes, we aim to remove the surface layer of wax and grime without causing any damage to the natural underlying colour or patine which has accumulated over time. The natural, time-worn finish adds essential charm, so we take great care in preserving it. We will restore your wood so that you rediscover all its natural glory.

Waxed finishes

Wax polishing protects the surface of your timber and rejuvenates it, restoring it to its best. Waxing is ideally carried out once a year, as this will maintain your timber’s natural lustre. Our wax polishing service will ensure that your timber is properly maintained and cared for, and will therefore retain its natural beauty to enable it to keep looking superb.


Bleaching is, essentially, first-aid for wood. It is used to remove unwanted stains and perfections. Bleaching can be used to remove black ring and water marks, and is often used to even out the colour of items that have been constructed using more than one kind of wood.

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