McLeod’s French Polishers in Falconwood

We are a professional, experienced and highly-skilled French polishing company local to Falconwood, although we undertake work further afield throughout the South East.

All our polishers are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of French polishing and contemporary wood finishing. Collectively, we have a wealth of experience, having worked on numerous projects for both our commercial and domestic clients. If you take advantage of our expertise, you will receive a service that is professional, competitively priced and of the quality you’d expect from an established French polishing company who place customer care and attention to detail above all else.

    French Polishing Service in Falconwood

    We specialise in using both modern and antique techniques to achieve the perfect finish. Our expertise covers both new and traditional methods from ‘modern’ French polishing using a spray technique, to tried-and-tested methods that have been practised throughout the centuries. All the projects we carry out, from complete restoration projects to small repairs to, are performed with the utmost care and to an extremely high standard that will ensure your satisfaction.

    Staining timber so that it matches existing woodwork, or staining new wood to a desired pattern colour can be achieved by McLeod’s French Polishers in Falconwood. We can change the colour of old surfaces so that they match the colour of new furniture and timber.

    Wood Spray Finishing in Falconwood

    We can offer you an alternative to traditional French polishing with the very best in modern spray-applied finishes, ranging from clear lacquer to painted finishes. The true benefit of spray finishing is that it provides a way of applying products that cannot be applied by hand – such as fire resistant and water resistant finishes and in some instances it can be a more cost-effective way of producing a quality wood finish.

    Your item will be prepared in exactly the same manner as for French polishing and to the same high standard. The application though is different, along with the variation of possible finishes.

    Spray finishing is a great option for items that require a durable finish such as boardroom tables or dining room tables, the result will still look stunning once the finishing has been completed.

    Architectural Restoration in Falconwood

    Over the many years we have been in business, we have been successful in delivering professional restoration services. We always respect the extra levels of care and attention needed to when it comes to the responsibility of architectural restoration.

    On some occasions we are hired directly by estate managers, and on others we are sub-contracted to large-scale restoration projects. We have the expertise and the experience to make certain that we play our full part in the overall restoration project in a manner that coordinates fully with all other members of the project restoration team.

    Stair treads - After

    Wood Floor Finishing in Falconwood

    With real wood floor sanding and finishing we can help you to create floor finishes that are liable to take your breath away every time you walk into the room. The advantage of choosing the services of a French polisher for your floor finishing is that we can colour match, creating staining that matches your existing flooring. Both the finish and the colour can be matched to suit your individual requirements.

    When it comes to finishing your floor it’s crucial that the proper techniques are used in order to create the best finish possible. We take great care in preparing and sanding the floor before we commence the procedure to restore the flooring to its former beauty, or to match your new wooden floor to your existing flooring.

    If you wish to take advantage of the services offered by McLeod’s French Polishers in Falconwood, then please call 07725 909 565, or email